The Drager Alcotest 6000 alcohol screening device is a professional breathalyser. 

It’s handheld and portable with a user-friendly and intuitive screen. The Alcotest 6000 can be used in seconds, simply switch on and go.

The electrochemical sensor used in the alcohol detector has a very fast response time and a long service life. The unit itself is very easy to use, with a two menu buttons to navigate and a large OK button, which is also used to proceed with a test.

How do I take a test?

To carry out a test either blow into the tube or hold the detector (without a mouthpiece) in the breathing zone.  The latter is called a passive test in ambient air.

Example of a Drager Alcotest 6000 Passive Test

What mouthpieces does the Alcotest use?

The mouthpieces used to carry out these tests are ‘Slide ‘n’ Click’, which means they intuitively fit in to the Alcotest, even in poor lighting conditions. The mouthpieces cannot be manipulated as any attempts at obstructing it or closing the outlet will be rejected by the breathalyser. There is also a spacer on the mouthpiece which prevents the person being tested from touching the unit’s housing. It also provides a 90° angle between the user and the test subject.

The Drager Alcotest 6000 is able to be purchased on the Frontline Safety website.

The Drager Alcotest 6000 is used in many applications including policing, traffic monitoring and the transport industry. To help with applications that require social-distancing or if the test subject is out of reach then a selfie stick can be used with the breathalyser.

Roadside breathalyser test for a boy in car using the Drager Alcotest 6000

The Drager Alcotest 6000 Breathalyser and additional accessories are available to buy on the Frontline Safety website.

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You can see this overview on our YouTube Channel. We'll walk you through the various features and you'll be able to see how the Drager Alcotest 6000 is supplied. The Drager Alcotest 6000 is able to be purchased on the Frontline Safety website today, along with replacement mouthpieces.