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Dräger offers a wide range of gas detection solutions, including fixed gas detectors, portable gas detectors, gas detection tubes, and a vast range of sensors. Covering numerous industries ranging from oil and gas, petrochemical, wastewater treatment, construction, pharmaceutical, and more. 

Drager offers some of the best-in-class breathing apparatus equipment, ensuring users' safety and comfort. Self-contained breathing equipment (SCBA) is the primary option when personnel risk exposure to hazardous chemicals or a lack of oxygen. Shop our vast range of Drager breathing apparatus equipment. 

Dräger offers a range of escape sets called the Dräger Saver to help you escape from a dangerous environment. You can choose a positive pressure face mask (Saver PP) or an escape hood (Saver CF) to help you reach a safe area 1. Both escape sets are available with a 10- or 15-minute compressed cylinder and come enclosed in a bright, visible orange casing or an antistatic hard case. 

Drager produces a range of alcohol and drug detection devices. Their alcohol detection range includes breathalysers such as the Dräger Alcotest 7000, which sets new standards in alcohol test devices with benefits including a wider temperature- and measuring range, low maintenance requirements, and various networking options. 

Frontline Safety is an official UK Channel Partner of Drager Safety. We have access to thousands of their top-of-the-range safety products, covering gas detection, breathing apparatus, respiratory, escape sets, drug & alcohol detection and more. 

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