Casella dBadge2 Kit (inc. monitor and accessories)

Product Code - dBadge2/KIT1

Casella dBadge2 Kit (Inc. Monitor and Accessories)

The dBadge2 from Casella Measurement is the latest in noise monitoring technology.  The dBadge2 is able to measure shift exposure measurements, task based measurements, identify noise sources and a selection of hearing protection.  Check the specification table to see what’s included in this kit.

Noise monitoring equipment is ideal for industries including oil and gas, mining, construction and a range of industrial manufacturing activities.  The Casella dBadge2 has a hard plastic casing with mounting clips for easy attachment.

The dBadge2 has been designed by Casella to make processes simpler than its predecessor. It will capture every possible noise exposure related parameter during a measurement run and then make it available for download.  It also features Bluetooth wireless connectivity with a supporting Airwave App.  This will allow you to remotely start, stop or pause a measurement run whilst monitoring battery life, memory capacity and alarms.

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What’s Included?


CEL-120/2 Type 2 acoustic calibrator

207078B Docking station & charger

PC18 power supply

USB cable (CMC51)

Casella Insight Data management software

Airwave App and download utility

Kit Case


85L x 54W x 55H mm



Storage Capacity

Internal USD Flash memory - 300 hours of run data (including 1 second profile data) and up to 90 minutes of event audio recording

Maximum run duration and no of runs

24 hours / 100

Battery and Charge Time

Internal NiMH, 800mAH (<6 hours from fully discharged)

Linear Operating Range

55.0-140.3 dB (A) RMS

Dynamic Range


Peak Measurement Range

90.0-143.3dB (C or Z weighted)

Sound Exposure Range

0.0- 6,100.0 Pa2Hours

0.00 – 22,000,000.00 Pa2Sec

0.0-100,000.0% Dose

Frequency Weightings

A, C and Z, Type 2

For more technical specifications including operation temperatures, weightings and stored data sets please refer to the datasheet.

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