Casella Infrared USB Interface Cable

Product Code - 193200B

Casella Infrared USB Interface Cable

The Casella Infrared USB interface cable can be used for a number of Casella and CEL monitors. 

This is a high speed USB interface that allows information to be easily and reliably downloaded to a computer.  This product will work with laptops and desktop computers with USB interface connections. 

Another advantage of this infrared interface cable is the fact there’s no need to install separate USB drivers into the operating system as drivers are installed with the software package provided.

Successful communication of the IR adaptor will be visually indicated in the window of the device.

The Infrared USB cable can be used with the following Casella instruments:

When used with the CEL-350 dBadge monitor configurations and are able to uploaded and any data will be downloaded to the computer.  Configurations, upgrades and downloaded data are also possible when using the cable with the Apex pump.

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