Casella IOM Sampler Head

Product Code - P109009A

Casella IOM Sampler Head

This IOM Sampler Head from Casella is part of a huge variety of Casella dust and air monitoring sampling accessories and is useful for a wide range of applications and tasks.  This product comes with a plastic cassette.  The pack contains one piece.

Sampling heads should be used with controlled rates of air which are provided through a personal air sampling pump such as the Apex. 

Sampling media is able to be placed directly inside the IOM sampler head or through cassettes.  Any samples taken will then be analysed or gravimetrically weighed afterwards.  Through using the cassette system the need for direct handling of the filters paper is eliminated and the particle collection behaviour of the nose and mouth is closely simulated.  The IOM sampler head is a true inhalable sampler.

The IOM sampler heads will collect particle distribution sizes of around 100 microns or smaller.  By using PUF filters in the intlet of the IOM it is possible to collect two different fractions of dusts at the same time.  The IOM sampling head needs to be run at 2 litres/min.

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