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Fire Detectors


Frontline Safety provides a variety of fire detection solutions for industrial and commercial applications.  At Frontline Safety our engineers specialise in developing fire detection system to suit the specific requirements of industrial and large commercial applications.  This includes office and administration buildings through to pharmaceutical and petrochemical process and storage facilities.  We can offer you a range of different services to complement your fire detection systems.


Conventional Smoke detectors are available as Optical, Ionisation, and Multisensor (combined smoke and heat). Conventional Heat Detectors are supplied as one of four options designated as either a Static or Rate of Rise response. Detector bases are available in a number of options; standard, diode, relay, and integrated sounder bases as examples. The conventional range of detectors also incorporates manual alarm call points in a choice of colours together with an IP67 version for outdoor use.


Audible and visual warning devices are available for both Conventional and Addressable alarm systems. A number of options exist, for both audible and visual alarms, from traditional alarm bells, to space saving integrated base units, and wide area high output alarm devices for areas with high levels of ambient background noise.

Combined sounder/beacon warning devices are available in either conventional or addressable options and warning beacons can provided in accordance with EN54 - 23 design codes for Visual Alarm Devices (VAD’s).


Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable is an effective continuous heat detector, operating at a set temperature (the cable works by having an inner insulation sheath that degrades at a set temperature causing the two conductors to short together and act as a switch). The cable, through its simple operation is suited to both Conventional detection circuits and, via an appropriate interface module, Addressable Loops too. With the use of a suitable Intrinsically Safe barrier or isolator, the cable, being classed as a “simple device” can be used in Hazardous Areas.

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