MSA Altair 4X - Buy Replacement Parts and Accessories

Shop for a number of spare parts and accessories for the MSA Altair 4X multi gas detector.  Although the MSA Altair 4X has been replaced by the MSA Altair 4XR, spare parts and accessories are still available. Choose from replaceable parts such as sensors and clips and accessories such as pump probes and chargers.

Please note: that additional sensors such as the low-concentration H2S version are listed below but may not be included in the exploded diagram.

Replacement Parts


MSA XCell CO/H2S Replacement Two-tox Sensor for Altair 4X

exc VAT £208.00 inc VAT £249.60

MSA XCell Ex Combustible Replacement Sensor for Altair 4X

exc VAT £222.60 inc VAT £267.12

MSA XCell O2 Replacement Sensor for Altair 4X

exc VAT £199.80 inc VAT £239.76

MSA Stainless Steel Clip

exc VAT £6.00 inc VAT £7.20

MSA ALTAIR 4X Kit (Sensors Gasket / Screws)

exc VAT £6.30 inc VAT £7.56

MSA Replacement Front Case for MSA Altair 4X

exc VAT £24.40 inc VAT £29.28

MSA LCD Frame Assembly (Frame LCD, Zebra Strip and Screws) for Altair 4X

exc VAT £47.90 inc VAT £57.48

MSA Main Board with Battery Pack for Altair 4X

exc VAT £257.70 inc VAT £309.24

MSA Xcell H2S-LC/CO (Low Concentrations H2S)

exc VAT £290.80 inc VAT £348.96

MSA Xcell EX-M Sensor (Mining : Methane)

exc VAT £290.80 inc VAT £348.96

MSA Xcell EX-H Sensor (Heavy Hydrocarbons & Solvents)

exc VAT £288.80 inc VAT £346.56

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