The BW Flex is one of Honeywell's latest portable multi gas detectors. This model is a four-gas detector and is capable of detecting flammable gas, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide. Sulphur Dioxide is also available as part of additional configurations.

What's in the box?

In the box of the BW Flex you'll find:

  • a USB charger
  • Calibration cap
  • Tubing
  • Quick reference guide to help you get started
BW Flex Gas Detector - What's in the Box?

What are the main features of the BW Flex?

The BW Flex operates on one button so this can be used to switch the unit on, access menus and switch the unit off. Having access to only the one button helps to ensure that any settings on the unit aren't accidentally changed and also simplifies the use of the unit.

It’s a serviceable monitor meaning it can be maintained and calibrated every 6 months to ensure compliance. There are a few ways to do this including manually, through the Honeywell Device Configurator app or through an IntelliDox Docking Station. You can see how to do this on our YouTube Channel.

The BW Flex can run on a battery for up to 40 days (8 hours per day use) so is an ideal multi gas detector for shift workers. It can also withstand various applications and harsh environments so calibration is important in ensuring the detector is fully functional.

What alarm function does the BW Flex have?

In the presence of gas the Flex will go into alarm and will vibrate, sound an audible alarm and you’ll see 6 visual LEDs flash around the front of the unit. There is also a compliance LED called the IntelliFlash, found on the front of the device.  This will flash green, amber or red depending on the status of the unit. Green will show compliance and correct operation. Amber will alert you to an issue with the unit.

This gas detector is Bluetooth enabled so it can be connected to your smartphone via Honeywell’s Device Configurator app.  Pair your phone and device to view gas readings, alarms and other settings on the BW Flex.

You can view the video version of this blog on our YouTube Channel. There is also a range of other BW Flex and BW gas detector video guides.