The Drager Pac 8000 is a reusable single gas detector available in various different gas types. Here we'll discuss the top 5 things you should know before purchasing this monitor.


It's a single gas detector that can detect NO, CO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, PH3, OV, NO2, O3, COCl2, and much more. Within the housing of the Drager Pac 8000 is Drager's extremely powerful sensors, which are incredibly reliable and stable sensors that help reduce operating costs by providing a low t-90 response time.


Users can easily recognise its compliance status thanks to the D-light which flashes green when the device is ready to use. They also have a large display, which shows all the required information at a glance. Additionally, each Drager Pac 8000 is colour coded which massively reduces the chances of human error's that could potentially be fatal.


Drager Pac 8000 works in harshest conditions

The Pac 8000 can easily handle extreme conditions thanks to its shock-proof, chemical resistant housing that provides an IP68 Rating. Furthermore, the sensors can tolerate air pressure between 700 and 1,300 mbar. Additional to this, there is a membrane filter that protects the sensor from foreign matter such as dust and liquids, which is also easily replaced.


For user safety, the Drager Pac 8000 has a 360° alarm with various functions, that sets off an audible, visual and perceptible vibrating alarm. As well as this, it can log gas concentrations and event logs with date and time which can be loaded onto a PC via an interface, for data analysis.


Drager Pac 8000 clipped near users breathing space

Finally, there is an easy fastening crocodile clip that allows the unit to be clipped near the users breathing area. It is recommended by the manufacturer that the device should be worn in this area.

The Drager Pac 8000 Single-Gas Detector is available to purchase here.