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Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd, part of Halma Group PLC, is a supplier of gas detection with a focus on understanding the current market and paying attention to future market requirements. Crowcon Instruments provides portable personal gas monitors and complete fixed gas detection solutions. Their fixed gas detectors and portable gas monitors include next-generation gas detection solutions, including their MPS sensor technology for flammable gases, improving safety and operational efficiency.

The Crowcon gas detection range includes single gas detectors – the Crowcon SGD, disposable single gas detector with Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Carbon Monoxide (CO). The serviceable single-gas monitor, the Crowcon Gasman, comes in over 20 gas configurations, including flammable and exotic gases, with a choice of rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. Crowcon multi-gas detectors suit the needs of a range of applications and industries. The Crowcon T4 is the perfect compliance monitor in a standard four-gas configuration. The T4 also has an upgraded T4X with an MPS sensor that can identify over 15 flammables in one monitor. The Tetra T3 with MED approval suits any marine-based application, and the Crowcon Gas-Pro with an integrated pump is the ideal solution for pre-entry checks and comes with the choice of IR, PID or TK (inerted tank use) sensors.

The Crowcon fixed range is a great value-for-money fixed gas detection solution. The range includes detectors with flammable, toxic and oxygen-detecting options and has IR and MPS sensor options within the range. Many of Crowcon’s detectors are Intrinsically Safe and ATEX-certified to ensure site standards are met. They also supply a range of flame detection and have the Crowcon FGard IR3 Flame Detector, an explosion-proof multi-spectrum IR detector.

Crowcon Instruments Ltd. have designed solutions that take gas detection into the next generation with its groundbreaking MPS sensing technology. The MPS sensor can detect around 20 flammable gases from one sensor, is poison resistant, and does not need to be re-calibrated within the first five years of sensor life. Read more about Crowcon MPS sensing technology in our blog. MPS sensors are available in the Gasman, T4X portable gas detectors and the Xgard Bright fixed gas detector.

Frontline Safety is an official UK Channel Partner of Crowcon. We have access to thousands of their top-of-the-range safety products, covering single, multi and fixed gas detection.

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