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Thermometer & Temperature Probes

You have your thermometer; the next step is your choice of temperature probe. This is the important part as it is used to physically measure an item so it’s essential the temperature probe compliments your choice of thermometer.

The choice of probe will also very much depend on your application which may include the measurement of liquids, semi-solids, soft rubber/plastic or high temperatures in fryers or furnaces.


We are an approved distributor of a massive range of thermometers, probes and temperature measurement devices from Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd (ETI). The range of monitors offered by ETI is suitable for various industries including catering, industrial applications and food processing. Choose from a selection of digital thermometers, humidity and moisture meters, data loggers, calibration equipment and pH meters. This includes the popular ETI Legionnaire’s Kit.

We have a huge range of ETI products on our sister site - Visit here for a thermometers for a variety of applications, a large selection of probes, calibration equipment, humidity meters, hygrometers, moisture meters and PH instrumentation.