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Gas Detector Hire & Gas Monitor Rental

Hiring gas detectors could not be easier

Frontline Safety have a large fleet of gas monitoring equipment available for hire to environmental consultants, engineers, geologists and health & safety professionals to help comply with regulations and assess contaminant levels in the air and soil.  The inventory consists of detectors for hydrocarbons, PIDs, hydrogen sulphide and toxic gases, multi-gas and benzene.  These monitors are from manufacturers including RAE Systems, Drager, Crowcon, BW Technologies and MSA.

All instruments are supplied with a calibration certificate and data logging (if available).  We have a minimum hire period of 1 week.

Multi Gas Monitors for Hire

Whatever your requirements we have a solution when it comes to multi-gas monitor hire.  We have a large fleet of monitors from MSA; Altair 4X & Altair 5 X, Drager; Xam 2500 & Xam 7000, BW Technologies; Micro 5 PID & Micro clip XT, Rae Systems; QRAE II & MultiRAE Lite.

Multi-gas monitors include our standard sensors (LEL, O2, H2S, and CO).  Different sensors are available (SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, and PH3) for an additional charge.

PID Monitors for Hire/VOC Monitors for Hire

The RAE Systems portable PID, MiniRAE 3000 monitor is available to hire from Frontline Safety.  This is the perfect solution for VOC monitoring in various applications including hazardous material response, confined space entry and personnel or workplace monitoring.

Photoionization detection (PID) instruments are standardized with a 10.6 eV lamp, but 9.8 eV and 11.7 eV lamps are available upon request for an additional charge.

Benzene Monitor Hire

The UltraRAE PGM 7200 and UltraRAE 3000 are available to hire from Frontline Safety. Monitoring Benzene levels is essential in applications such as tank entry, pre-screening during refinery and plant maintenance, hazardous material response and refinery downstream monitoring.  Frontline Safety has a large fleet of UltraRAE Benzene monitors for hire.  The PGM 7200 is a quick, spot-check monitor used to provide highly specific measurements of Benzene.

Mercury Vapour Analyser Hire

You can hire the J405 Mercury analyser from Frontline Safety.  It uses proven technology to provide greater accuracy and usability for toxic gas and vapour detection.  Lighter, enhanced ergonomics, a large display and improved data storage, retrieval and communications, are just a few of the J405's new features.  The perfect hire instrument for a wide range of mercury-related applications, typical users might include: environmental consultants, Health & Safety managers, emergency response teams, hazardous clean-up operatives and waste recycling monitors to mention but a few.